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 5S Fast & Simple Kaizen Event

5S Fast & Simple

Large Scale Implementation in Two Days

5S LogoThis training and kaizen event implements 5S in a big way. Up to five teams from various work areas participate in classroom training followed by an intense Kaizen event that puts new ideas into practice. They primarily implement the SORT, SET & SHINE steps.

In parallel, a Steering Committee receives classroom training and facilitation assistance for its role in the STANDARDIZE & SUSTAIN steps.

A separate session orients support people such as engineers, maintenance employees and managers.

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop & Kaizen Who Should Attend?
Time 2-Day

Production Workers

Production Supervisors

Mid-Level Managers

Support Staff

Cost $5700 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-50
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

Classroom Training

Work Teams

They start the first day with a classroom session. This session introduces 5S and prepares them for the day's work. During the remainder of the day, the teams execute SORT and SHINE in their area. On the second day they train in the morning and execute SET and STANDARDIZE in the afternoon.


1. Introduction To 5S and Visual Control What It Is (and what it isn't)

Benefits, Purpose and Origins of 5S

2. The 5S'

Sort- 3 Basic Categories & Tags

Set- Location, Boundaries & Recoil


Developing Team Participation

Examples - Before and After



3. What Is Visual Control? 

4. Conducting Kaizen Events

5. Into Action-Kaizen Event

Participants Will Learn...

  • How 5S improves the workplace.

  • Why 5S makes for easier tasks.

  • Determining locations. .

  • How visual controls can smooth operations and reduce errors.

  • Signs, Signals and Controls.

  • Standardizing work.

Who should Participate...

  • All Workers From These Areas

  • Supervisors From These Areas

  • Steering Committee Members

  • Selected Support Personnel

Steering Committee

Their job is to organize for long-term success (SUSTAIN), establish plant-wide standards and recognition. The Steering Committee joins 5S teams but breaks out for their initial meetings.


1. The Steering Committee's Role

2. Standardize

3. Sustain

Eight Tools for Sustaining 5S

Who Does What?

Daily Activities

4. Implementing & Managing 5S

Kaizen Events

Overcoming Resistance

Keys to Implementation

5. Stage II 5S

6. Working As A Team

7. Develop 3-Month Plan

Participants Will Learn...

  • The Committee's role & function.

  • Eight tools for sustainment.

  • How to function efficiently.

  • What to expect in the future.

Participants Will Also...

  • Develop implementation plans.

  • Write a "5S Code of Conduct."

  • Develop signage standards.

  • Identify tools.                 

Who should Participate...

  •  Steering Committee Members

  • Management Champion

  • 5S Coordinator

Support & Others

A short orientation session ensures that office and support personnel understand what the effort is about and assist as required.


1. Introduction To 5S and Visual Control

Benefits of Implementing 5S

Purpose and Origins of 5S

2. The 5S'

Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

3. What Is Visual Control?

Video & Exercise

4. How You Can Assist

Participants Will Learn...

  • How 5S improves the workplace.

  • Why 5S makes for easier tasks.

  • How visual controls can smooth operations and reduce errors.

  • How to best assist 5S Teams

Who should Attend...

  • Support (Engineering, Maintenance, etc./)

  • Management

  • Others As Designated

Warehouse Team

This warehouse team has just completed their first 5S effort.

Team Organizes Stock

Clear labels and dedicated locations eill enable kanban.

Presenting The Results

Shop floor teams demonstrate unexpected presentation skills under proper guidance.

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