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Onsite Kaizen Event—Workcell Design & Implemention

Workcell Design & Implementation

5-Day Kaizen Event Transforms Your Process

Kaizen logoIn this intense, five-day "event" one to three teams design and implement workcells in their respective areas. 

During the preparation of 2-4 weeks, a Strategos consultant works with your in-house facilitator to select areas or product lines, identify team members, collect information and provide necessary resources. 

During the Blitz week, teams learn the essentials of cell design, and design their own cells. They teams work long days to rearrange equipment, clean the area and reorganize. They then operate the new workcell and measure results. 

Program Summary

Format Onsite Kaizen Event Who Should Attend?
Time 5-Day ManagersIndustrial EngineersManufacturing EngineersFacility PlannersProduction SupervisorsProduction Schedulers
Cost $9700 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-40
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414


Strategos advisor and client's Facilitator determine area(s) for improvement. The original process is documented with videotape. The facilitator assembles data and information. Preparations are made and resources reserved. Team members are assigned. 


Twelve hours of training prepares the teams.


Teams analyze videotapes, data and design workcells. 

Modify, Repair & Build

Teams execute 5-S techniques to clean, paint, arrange and organize the equipment and the area.


Teams practice operations. Videotapes demonstrate the improvement and provide for future Kaizen.


As some team members practice, others document the process and standardize operations. 


A celebration features presentations by the teams and closes the initial phase. 


Improvements not feasible within the timeframe are documented for future implementation. Metrics are established. Strategos continues support via phone and email.

Participants Will Learn...

  • How Process Charts streamline workflow.

  • How to establish TAKT time, process time, and setup time.

  • How to determine the right number of people.

  • How to measure performance and use metrics.

  • About U-shape cells, other layouts and when to use each.

  • How to balance the work for equipment and people 

  • How to design a Kanban system for your cell.

  • 5-S and how to organize for productivity.

Kaizen Team

Program Outline

1. What Is Cellular Manufacturing? 

        Why Cells Are So Powerful 

        Cell Design Procedures 

2. Selecting The Products 

        Finding Part Families 

        Group Technology (GT)

        Dedicated Vs. GT Cells 

3. Engineering The Process 

        Process Charting 

        Estimating Times 

        Calculating Cell Capacity 

        How Many People & Machines?

4. Defining Infrastructure 


        Handling & Containers 

        Balancing The Work 

        Measuring Success(Metrics)

5. Layout of The Cell 

        Cell Configurations 

        Layout Procedures 

6. Organizing and Standardizing

        5-S Techniques

        Standard Process Sheets

assembly workcell Planning The Workcell

Planning The Workcell

Layout the workcell

Arranging the Workcell

cell layout

Typical Assembly Cell

workcell balance

Balancing the Work

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