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Seminar-A Culture for Lean

Creating & Sustaining A Lean Culture

The Human Side of Lean

 In this seminar participants learn about cultural impacts and the link between corporate culture and business strategy. They learn awareness and how to identify both the existing and desired beliefs. 

Participants evaluate their own company's culture and identify actions, systems and policies that lead to:

  • Better Teamwork
  • More Creativity
  • Improved Communication
  • Reduced risk-aversion
  • More Initiative

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Online Who Should Attend?
Time 1-Day 1-2 Wks


Industrial Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers

Facility Planners

Production Supervisors

Production Schedulers

Cost $3600 (Includes Travel) $2800
Participants 5-40 5-20
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Participants Will Learn...

  • Why Corporate Culture is important.

  • The difference between Vision, Guiding Beliefs and Daily Beliefs.

  • How to effectively state a vision and guiding beliefs.

  • To understand business systems from the socio technical perspective and the role culture plays.

  • Mental Models of culture and how to identify your company's current culture.

  • To identify gaps between Guiding Beliefs and Daily Beliefs and why these gaps are so destructive.

  • What Lean Operation requires from the company culture.

  • Evaluating risk from combinations of culture and strategy.

  • How to change existing beliefs that may be destructive and reinforce those beliefs that contribute to strategic success.

  • Using business systems such as accounting, compensation and personnel evaluations to reinforce desired cultural traits.

Program Outline

1.0 What Is Culture?

Vision, Guiding Beliefs & Daily Beliefs

Manifestations of Culture

Value Gaps

2.0 Why Culture Is So Important

Socio Technical Systems

Multi-Minded Systems

Behavioral Norms

Motivation & Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Emotional Intelligence In Organizations

A Culture For Lean Manufacturing

3.0 How To Model and Measure Culture

Corporate Archeology- Searching for Artifacts

Climate Surveys

4.0 Fitting Culture With Strategy

Culture and Corporate Strategy

Lean Organization Structures

Assessing Cultural Risk

5.0 How You Change or Reinforce Culture

Culture and The Unions

Team Development

Hiring & Firing

Making Systems Reinforce Guiding Beliefs in:

  • Financial Reporting

  • Metrics & Measurement

  •  Management Development

  • Compensation

  •  Performance Evaluation

Hierarch of Needs

culture of improvement
Training as part of cultural development

Problem Solving Team

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