What Is Strategy?


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Strategos–An ancient Greek word translates literally as "the General's art".

From the ancient Greek, through military to modern business usage, the word retains much of its original meaning--


Carl von Clausewitz

Thus, then, in Strategy everything is very simple, but not on that account very easy.

Principles of War

Two basic principles...underlie all strategic planning. . . .

The first task, then, in planning for a war is to identify the enemy's center of gravity, and if possible trace it back to a single one. The second task is to ensure that the forces to be used against that point are concentrated for a main offensive.

--Carl von Clausewitz 

"Clausewitz's military center of gravity (CoG) and the CoG of mechanical sciences share many of the same properties: neither is a strength or a source of strength, per se, but rather a focal point where physical (and psychological) forces come together."

--Lt. Col. Antulio J. Echevarria

U.S. Army

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